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Backup software is very important for servers and personal computers alike to make sure that there is no permanent data loss. Backup software and tools are important, especially when it comes to System Administrators, who work with vast amounts of data. Searching for Backup software for Linux and UNIX systems can be challenging since there is not much software built exclusively for those systems. Efficient backup software has the capability to recover RAID or disk failure, file system corruption, human errors, data centre destruction, logging backup activities etc. You will be on an informative platform. Here is some information about the best and most awesome open source backup software for Linux and UNIX on high-performance computing like those offered by Seagate.


Fwbackups is a free and open-source backup software explicitly created for Linux and UNIX systems. However, it later became cross-platform and is now rich in features. Users can contribute to the software by testing it. Having a very intuitive interface, Fwbackups helps the user to do backups easily.


The most eye-grabbing features of Fwbackups are as follows.
● Minimalistic and yet attractive interface
● Provides facilities for remote backups
● Flexible in the backup configuration
● Excludes files and directories
● Backup of entire file systems


A powerful and open source backup software made for Linux and UNIX based systems, Backupninja allows users to do any backup activity and configure files. It also helps the user to do remote, incremental and most importantly secure backups over any network.

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The most innovative and significant features of Backupninja are as follows.
● Easy to make use of and read in any style for the configuration of files
● Uses scripts that can take care of new types of backups
● Schedule and update backups


Areca is a new open-source backup software created for Linux and UNIX based systems. Areca has been increasingly drawing attention to itself and gaining popularity as a backup software for personal use. It allows the user to select a set of files or directories which are to be backed up. Then select the backup method and storage location and start the backup.

The most notable and exciting features of backup software Areca are as follows.
● Simple for everyday use
● E-mail notification about the entire backup process
● Browse local as well as internet archives


A cross-platform open-source backup software made for Linux and UNIX based systems, BackupPC was initially developed for enterprise-level file backups with high performance. The software can be used on servers, desktop computers and laptops alike.

Some of the most stunning features of BackupPC are as follows.
● Reduces the usage of disk space with the help of file compression
● No need for software on the client’s side
● Flexibility while backing up as well as restoration
● Helps configure different parameters

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